FSH Cultural Competence Council's Loving Day Photo Essay Exhibit | Loving Day

FSH Cultural Competence Council's Loving Day Photo Essay Exhibit

When and Where is the Celebration?

Date and Time: 
06/12/2010 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Churchill Arts & Jazz Festival
Address Line 1: 
Front Lawn of Westminster College
Address Line 2: 
Westminster Ave
State (if you are in the U.S.A): 
United States

In celebration of Loving Day, the Fulton State Hospital's Cultural Competence Council is offering an educational display and photo exhibit to the community. The Council has once again teamed up with the Callaway Arts Council to offer another educational opportunity to the public. Come celebrate with us and view the inspiring photos and stories of interracial couples and families. There will be food vendors, art vendors, and great Jazz music in the open air on Westminster College's front lawn.

After The Event

How did it go?: 

The Fulton State Hospital's Cultural Competence Council Photo Essay Exhibit was attended by a steady stream of local Fulton residents. Not one community member was aware of the Loving vs. Virginia case, nor were they familiar with Loving Day itself, until we educated them about it all. Most people were appreciative of our efforts to educate the public and support this cause. We had a few "quiet" observers, but all in all it was a great success. We did get rained out a little early, but not before we had one woman stop by who is half-German, half African-American. She is married to an African-American man and they have a beautiful daughter together, who was with her at the festival. This woman was SO APPRECIATIVE of what we were doing and THRILLED about Loving Day as a celebration day for interracial couples and mixed families. After viewing the portraits by One Spirit Photography of Liz and Thulani, and Maria and Red Eagle, she couldn't wait to sign up to get her family's portraits taken. She and her family will be included in next year's celebration of Loving Day. Can't wait to put this celebration on again next year and make it even bigger and better!