Loving Day Celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC | Loving Day

Loving Day Celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC

When and Where is the Celebration?

Date and Time: 
06/12/2011 - 2:00pm
National Mall grounds
Address Line 1: 
Constitution Avenue Washington, DC
Address Line 2: 
Smithsonian Subway Station (blue & orange lines)
State (if you are in the U.S.A): 
District of Columbia
United States

Celebration Details

Ticket or RSVP Requirements: 
RSVP requested

If you are in the DC area, come celebrate Loving Day with us! This will be a fun get together and a way to educate others about Loving Day and unity between all cultures.The event will be potluck, so when you RSVP, please note if you can bring something. No item is too small.

What's needed:

Chips & Salsa
Bottled water or Soda
Salad - green salad, fruit salad and/or pasta salad
Paper/foam plates
Paper/foam cups
Plastic ware

If there is another picnic food you want to bring such as (chicken wings,corn on the cob, etc.) that's great! I will be bringing homemade chocolate chip cookies.

For more information or for questions, or if you are interested in joining our meetup group, you may email April, the group organizer at april.crews@aol.com

Hope to see you there!