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Loving Day Netherlands 2018: Class

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06/12/2018 - 11:00am to 3:00pm
Hogeschool Rotterdam, location Museumpark, in the Symposium Hall
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Museumpark 40
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Loving Day.nl
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The class takes place on 12 June at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. During the master class several lectures will be held on these sub-themes: growing up, raising and teaching with Dutch and Belgian experts and experience experts. The figures on the number of young people of mixed origin in Rotterdam are also presented. The program is interactive: the audience gets the opportunity to respond and fully participate in the debate and share experiences.

The experts:

Merlijn Karssen: promoted on research into educational outcomes, social functioning and experiences of children of mixed origin.

Julia Ruijter: project owner of MIXED MAMA'S. MIXED MAMA'S is next to a photo book, also a platform where there is room for exchanging experiences.

Nathalia Pereira Vredeveld: graduated on research into the relationship between language, identity and space among young adults with a mixed ethnic background.

Between the various components, the Social Work students from the Rotterdam University Teaching Community will present pieces of their findings on the basis of photos and objects: What is it like to live in a mixed family?

In a final panel discussion, three speakers - both parents of mixed families and also professionally involved in the theme - will discuss the raising of mixed children and parenting support for mixed families.

The class is very interesting for students and teachers who occupy themselves with themes such as diversity, integration, relationship formation, education and upbringing in their study or work. In addition, the class is also interesting for professionals who have to deal with aspects of mixedness professionally: social workers, social organizations, youth workers and policy makers. The class can offer important insights into the lives and experiences of mixed youngsters. The insights are also important for the question which skills this requires from professionals.

The program starts at 11.00 and ends at 15.00 @ Hogeschool Rotterdam, location Museumpark, in the Symposium Hall. Access is free .

The masterclass is made possible by Stichting Volkskracht and Hogeschool Rotterdam.

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