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Mixed Roots Charity Hip Hop Concert, Shake Forward! 2009

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06/19/2009 - 7:00pm to 06/20/2009 - 12:00am
Club Uwaya Gekijyo
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None required

Shake Forward! 2009 Kobe feat.
Los Kalibres; Iyse; Genez; Reggie feat. Mirio and JJ; MC J-Nam; 4rB; MC Beto; with special guest Cho Pagi

“Shake Forward!” is a charity hip hop concert in Japan is doing what hip hop does best: promoting social dialogue and open minds through lyrics, music, and movement. Move and be moved [Shake] and pass it on to the future and your community [Forward]!

Started last year, this concert taking place in both Kansai and Kanto features between 7 artists of “Mixed Roots” or people of multicultural/ethnic backgrounds and minorities in Japan such as Ainu, Nikkei Brazilian and Peruvian, Zainichi Korean, 2nd generation Vietnamese refugees, Afro-Japanese, etc. and other Japanese youth acts. The charity concert has been touted as a breakthrough for interactive multicultural communication.

Last year, the production was featured as a NHK documentary “Mixed Roots: Hip Hop with Pride”, which gave insight to the lives and aspirations of the artists and organizers involved. Some sought to be role models for children who grew up in difficult households like themselves and another aimed to build a school. Last year, we did just that with the proceeds – youth workshops were conducted in Kobe and Kawasaki and money donated for school construction in Ghana.

Come join our Kobe concert on the 19th of June at Uwaya Gekijyo!

Advance tickets (\2,500) are on sale from Lawson Tickets (L: 54570).

Hosted by MixedRoots Kansai, World Kids Community, FMYY, Kirin Fukushi Zaidan, and Club Zanziba. Sound system by Natural High Soundz.

Details at http://www.mixroots.jp
Contact us at shakeforward@gmail.com


by Dj Seeb-Style