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Office Loving Day Celebration

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06/12/2014 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Business Office - Private Event
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Fort Worth Texas
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United States

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Gwyne Taylor
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None required

This is a private event, but since living in Texas I have realized more than ever that racism and separation of races is alive and well. It makes me sad. I am a hapa, in our own family my aunt (white) and uncle (Chinese - American) had to go to Mexico to be married in 1927 or so. It was still illegal in California for them to get married. By the time my parents, dad (white) and mom (Japanese-America) were married in 1961 it was legal in California, but it was still illegal in 22 US states. I can't do much but I can let my co-workers know that our family is celebrating Loving Day.

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