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Andrew, Rowena, and daughter Candace

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 9:16pm -- andrewlane21
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I am Andrew and am (white) and my girlfriend Rowena is (black) and is from Nigeria. I am one who has been single throughout most of my life. I have read about interracial relationships and had no problems with any of them because love is color blind. I was born with autism and have struggled a lot in my life with it and have made it through all obstacles. Some think that people with autism will never find true love, but it is same with those who would say that I would never make it in real life when I was 2 years old. True love has never had any boundaries and never will when it comes to skin color or even developmental disabilities. I never thought I would find true love in my life, I was on many dating sites and then I saw Rowena's profile and I spoke with her and two weeks later, we finally got to meet in person and we felt a very instant connection and have felt true love after failed relationships that we have gone through. We felt we have found each other, I love you my Rowena. During the time that Richard and Mildred Loving faced discrimination and legal harassment because they were married, people with autism or any mental or developmental disabilities were also at risk of being sterilized with or without their consent in the court case of Buck v. Bell. I have never believed that God was against interracial dating because I saw the movie Mr and Mrs Loving and have read the case and what the sentencing judge had said that God never intended the races to mix was false because God was never against races mixing. Moses who lead the Israelites out of Egypt was married to Tzipporah who was Ethiopian and God Almighty had never voiced his objection to it because if he did he would have said so but he never did. I love my girlfriend because she has been so wonderful to me and she loves how kind hearted I am to her. I do believe that love at first sight has never been impossible. I think that a person should follow their heart with who makes them happy and not who someone else thinks should make them happy. Richard and Mildred Loving in my view are my heroes because they showed what happens to be courage and they won the struggle to fight for their happiness with their love and were able to live their time in happiness. We are blessed with a beautiful newborn daughter, Candace and I am blessed to have a loving and caring woman who especially gave me loving comfort when my mother passed away last year on October 10, 2012.