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Fri, 04/11/2014 - 4:11pm -- divachrissie
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This story isn't just another mixed race couple, it's a gender issue as well. I'm a mix of a Choctaw Indian/Black race & I have my preference of being with a white man in relationships. Even in the gay world, me being/living in a problem also. In baseball I guess I used all my strikes..#1color, #2woman, #3trans(m2f) I have to survive, not win. I don't get frowned upon because of my gender as much anymore, because in the straight world I'm just a black woman, & in the gay world I'm even called a freak, which you think would be more accepting, but it's not. Even as of this writing, I turn 48 4/12 & I am single, but my experiences with my partners have been a struggle both in the straight & gay world. I have many stories but my life as of now I am not defeated. I fought to be who I am & have endured most pain than your average woman or man. I just want everyone to know, I'm a child of God, this is who I am & I chose this, not to be challenged or hog attention, but it's real & I'm still here as a love of mixed race couples and of mixed race genders. I am very proud of my accomplishments & journeys, & I am glad to be ME. 1 day I hope to find a love like the Lovings, but right now, I offer support, love, understanding, & friendship to anyone needing another 2 ears to listen.