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Sat, 03/15/2014 - 9:26pm -- honeyandmick
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Great Britain
United Kingdom

You don't need a dating site, or even a good friend to match make for you to meet the love of your life. We met through volunteering at the same NGO 7 years ago to the month. It was my first interracial relationship, though my partner had being previously married and has two biracial children. I was initially cautious about revealing my relationship to others, fear of what friends and family might say as my home city has, until the last decade, been somewhat slow to welcome others of different backgrounds. As it turned out, my friends and, all my immediate family have being very supportive, only a couple of more distant relatives, ironically from cities with a much greater ethnic mix, expressed disapproval. And at a few work places there has been the occasional idiot who just has to make "funny" comments, but like the odd stranger we walk by, they all get ignored, life is too short to waste time getting angry at bigots.

I have to admit that unlike my partner, I'm not the world's most confident person. Being prone to the occasional spot of introspection, I have wondered if embarking on a relationship bound to attract attention, is wise for me, but the love in our relationship has being so great that even the times when we do witness racial abuse, it doesn't make us regret our decision to be together. I wonder anyway, if it is no longer the difference in race as we walk down the street together that attracts most attention, I'm 15 years younger and 14" taller than my Honey.

If you are new to interracial or multicultural or interfaith relationships, and are unsure, ask only this. Do you really like or love this person. If so then go for it. The road can be rocky for any relationship, but I have definitely seen a real improvement in relations and attitudes to dating across divides, maybe some political leaders want to turn the clock back, but overall the future is getting brighter for all, and the more people push at and break down social barriers that attempt to restrain us to narrow thinking, the better for world peace, and our own happiness.