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Katie and James

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 4:14am -- Hubbswifey
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United States

James and I have a fairly unique story. James was in the US Army Reserves, and his civilian job was working as a Sergeant at a local county jail. I started working at the jail as a correctional officer March 2005. When I first met him something caught my attention. We started dating that July. Not only were we of different races (him black, and me white), he was almost over 31 years older than me. The differences if anything made us stronger. We were connected on a deep level and were very compatible. Shortly after our wedding on April 7, 2012, James deployed to Kosovo. Once he returned from deployment our love story would be cut short. He was diagnosed Nov. 14, 2008 with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia he got from his tour in Iraq 2003/2004 due to the burn pits and depleted uranium. He began treatment, but suddenly died 21 May 2009. He was my everything I had ever dreamt of having. He was my other half. I miss him dearly, but because of him I am who I am today. James is forever missed.