Nat | Loving Day


Tue, 05/22/2012 - 5:58pm -- Nat
United Kingdom
Leisure Club Manager

We met in a pub during the Xmas season. Like in a fairytale story, ours eyes met across a crowded room and we literally fell in love there and then! 6 years later, we are married and have 2 little boys. I still get butterflies when stares into my eyes! He grew up in a small village, with very little racial variety. He is someone who has always seen 'people'. He never looked down his nose at others because of where they are from or their social standing. We clicked straight away, and I loved the way he spoke about his family and the his job as a teacher. He helped me out of a very dark emotional place and is supportive of every venture I show an interest in. Together we are positive about building a fun and safe future for our children. We really don't understand racial prejudice of any sort and are very proud of our beautiful, mixed race children.