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Mon, 06/16/2014 - 1:38pm -- ttipton
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New Jersey
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Program Strategy and Planning - TV

My husband and I met in May of 2009, through an online dating website. I loved his sense of humor and we got along great! It was not my first interracial relationship, nor was it his, but I'm glad he's in my life. We've made it through a lot, and my mom even knew he was the one-- before she passed, she used to call him her "future son-in-law" after he came over for dinner one night, had seconds and thirds, and then dozed off on the chaise lounge! He proposed in 2010, and we have been married for two years (and counting)! Loving Day means the world to me, because it opened the door so that folks like my hubby and I could dance on through it :-)