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Mon, 10/31/2011 - 9:57am -- lovingday
How The World Got Mixed Up
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Mixed Race Britain
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David Okefuna, David Olusoga, Vicky Gardner, Georgina Godwin

The 2011 Loving Day Flagship Celebration is featured in the conclusion of this informative documentary. From the BBC:

"One of the very few universal laws of history is this: whenever and wherever people of different races have been brought together they have always mixed. For most of human history the power of sex managed to undermine the power of race. The incredible level of racial inter-mixing that now characterises life in 21st-century Britain is not a uniquely modern phenomenon, but a return to the traditions of the past.

This film will re-access the meaning of the great historic force that first brought the races together - imperialism. It will tell the surprising and positive story of how, throughout much of history, the races of the world's empires mixed together unquestioningly."