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Tue, 09/03/2013 - 6:35pm -- eddien
Happy Birthday Adriana Lima, Anja Rubik, Abbey Lee Kershaw! What Do These Three Have in Common?
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June 12 is a day full of incredible fashion events in history. First of all its the 163rd day of the year, its also Loving Day in the United States, an unofficial day that celebrates the freedom of love between all races.

But arguably the greatest fashion news of all -- three beautiful baby girls were born in three separate regions: Brazil, Poland, and Australia. These beauties would grow up not only to be world class supermodels, fashion icons, and role models to many, but also sexy models for Victoria’s Secret, one of the best high fashion lingerie brands of our time. On June 12, we celebrate the birth of Adriana Lima, Anja Rubik, and Abbey Lee Kershaw.