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Frank Penski

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 12:39pm -- fhpen
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New York
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My wife, Patti and I, were married on Loving Day, 1971. We did not know it as Loving Day at the time. We got married in Carson City, Nevada, with only one couple (friends of ours) present. We eloped because we were an interfaith couple whose parents did not approve of our relationship. We have been happily together for 40 years. This year, to celebrate our marriage once again, our children, aged 37 and 35, and their significant others, are taking us to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the weekend where we will renew our vows and enjoy our relationship with our wonderful children and those who they love. Life does not get better than this and we count ourselves among those most fortunate.
I should add that I was, at the time we were married, well aware of the Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia because I believed in the cause of expanding civil rights and certainly interracial and interfaith marriages. As an activist interested in the advancement of human rights, and freedom and equality for all, I decided to attend law school that Fall with the hope that my career would include opportunities to participate in and support achieving the rights expansion that seemed so needed at the time and continues to today. My wife has done her share as well working as a teacher and then as a guidance counselor for the past 25 years in inner city schoools. She has worked diligently and conscientiously to advance understanding among races and diverse student and faculty populations to love and the very least tolerate our differences. We appreciate your efforts to promote Loving Day.