Minerva | Loving Day


Thu, 04/22/2010 - 2:50am -- Minerva
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Loving Day is important to me beacause I believe it is a day when people are encouraged to pursue love freely.
There is a boy who loves me deeply. We appreciate many characters of each other.I shall admit
that he is the one who I would like to create a family with. But the problem is that he comes from
ruralarea although we study together in high school in urbanarea. My mum and most of my friends
think he never deserves me.Deep in my heart, I know there is no other man who will know me as much as he does.My parents divorced when I am in primary school. and I stay with mum, lacking love from men. He always cares me so much.He is working hard crazily in college to envalue himself so that he is able to marry me.
Now I am in another province to study and he stays in hometown.We seldom meet throughout a year but we feel together.Lovingday encourages pursuing love freely,originally love across nations,and to me,it is a day to pursue love with him,no matteer he comes from urbanarea or ruralarea.What we can do now is to encourage each other and work hard despite thousand miles away.I did not tell mum or other friends. We are waiting for the he can be accepted by them.
We believe we can get together finally.