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Tue, 05/15/2007 - 6:28pm -- lovingday
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North Carolina
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developmental disabilities case manager

I am getting married on 7/7/07 to the best man I know. I am Caucasian and he is Korean. Our families have been happy to celebrate our love and although it's not perfect (when is it when joining two families together?!), it is pretty good.

I think the biggest challenge we face isn't due to race, but just from our very different upbringings. I am an only child from a small town in Ohio. I was the "All American" girl- straight A's, runner, into all sorts of clubs. My family is very liberal and laid back. My fiance grew up in New Jersey/New York, went to a huge high school and is the youngest of four from a pretty conservative family.

We met in college where I was a cheerleader and my fiance was one of the crazy face painted fans in the stands. Through mutual friends we met and obviously hit it off since we are getting married in three months!!

It makes me sad to think that if we lived in the past, we wouldn't have been able to legally be together. I think there are still so many hurdles for people to overcome in regards to being open to all races, but we have definitely come a long way.