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Fri, 04/13/2007 - 2:17pm -- lovingday
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Dance instructor

I am white, and the love of my life happens to be black. We met in elementary, but barely knew each other. Once we entered 6th grade we really hit it off, became best friends, and eventually began dating off and on. In high school we became a lot more serious and inseparable. I met his mom before, and she seemed really nice and understanding until she realized how serious we really were. She told him to end things between us. She hated the idea of him dating me. He told me about his mom and together we tried to convince her how much we needed each other, but she still didn't want us dating.

It wasn't until the end of our senior year that she started accepting me. It was a huge change and I found it really weird, but he told me he had a long serious talk with her and she understood. On graduation day he proposed to me, and we let his mom pick out our wedding day. She choose June 12. I really felt accepted. We now have twin boys who are 2 years old!

I thank God every day for letting me be able to marry my perfect man.