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Asia & Ryan (:

Sat, 09/10/2011 - 12:31am -- brown_sugga_93
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It's crazy sometimes when people say that they dont believe in true love... but i do ( : . i met my boyfriend when i was in the 3 rd grade. We were bestfriends always got in trouble together, i even went over his house once.
After switching schools in the 4th grade i didnt see him after that. My senior year of high school i seen this guy in my gym class, im like ''wow he's sexy" lol. After noticing that ryan had my English class i decided to step up to the plate and give him my number.
After realizing that they guy i wanted, had a girlfriend ) : . i stepped back and stopped talking to him like that. a few weeks or days lol later i got the great news that him and his so called girl friend had broken up, i was delighted and we immediately started talking again.
After a couple months of talking and spending time together , Ryan gave me a ring and we had made it offical we were a couple ( :
Ryan and I had a few bumps along the way( with the help of his ex girlfriend) and both of us getting out of bad relationships, we had to overcome our past and realize that we are going to make this work.
After a few months we decided that we were going to go to prom, thats when my grandmother and my aunt found out that i was dating a white guy, with the dissaproval of my grandmother of whites and blacks being together, she finally agreed to support me after a long talk... prom was AWESOME btw lol
but to this day i can say that i have never met a more better guy in my life, Ryan is my bestfriend and the love of my life. and i am so greatful and blessed to have such an AHMAZING guy by my side.