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Tue, 04/24/2012 - 11:46am -- Chonilla
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I'm Sherley & The love of my life and mic partner in crime is my heart Clove.

Clove (39) and I are high school sweethearts and been together for 20 years.

I moved from Montreal to Toronto when I was a teenager and to be honest with a big chip on my shoulder towards white people. Growing up in Montreal my experience wasn't very good. My parents sent me to private school for most of my elementary & junior high. Most of the students and some teachers call me names, of course the N word and being the only black child in my class most of the time teachers would let the racial bullying occur right in front of them without any repercussion to the students. Hence my lack of trust towards Caucasians in my youth.

So I'm 14 moved to Toronto and was shocked by the diversity, the melting pot of the city. I saw people of colour in very high positions which surprised me because back in Quebec in the 80's and 90's it was rare to see Black V P’s or even Managers.

Any who! My now best friend who when I first met her thought she was a traitor from hanging out with this group of white boys in high school (in was the only french catholic high school in Toronto) with their token black male friend who originated from Martinique. In my mind her and the other young man was their I'm not racist two of my best friends are black excuse (i know the ignorant mentality, right!). By grade 11 her and I started to really hit it off and hang out with each other. I now consider her my sister from another mother. She introduced me to her boys (she was the only female from the group) and part of that group was this dude (Clove) who I thought was a buttocks (PC word) because he was always dead honest with people and didn't care how he made someone feel on his keeping it real delivery.

By grade 12 (senior year) I got closer to the group. They accepted me more as well because they also thought I was a total female dog (again needed for me to move my chip away). My friend moved to another part of the city, it was too far for her to continue attending our high school. Clove and I started to talk more, hanging out - Find out he was a HUGE hip-hop head, more than myself. New so much about everything, he challenged me a lot during our talks (he's so smart). Had great conversation and surprisingly was starting to feel little butterflies every time I would see him by my locker (it was almost next to each other that year).

I was surprised because all my teenage life and I was always telling myself I would "NEVER" date a white guy, I'm not a sell out. But man the heart wants what the heart wants.

Any who to wrap up this story. Before the end of the year I was compelled to tell him I liked him before he graduated. Thanks to another friend of mine by spilling the beans that I liked him right in front of me (so embarrassing). I'm thankful she said something because we never look back and been together ever since.

Of course we have had our ups and down in our lives, especially our 20's but somehow it has always been in the back of our minds that breaking up is NOT AN OPTION! 18 years later 19 actually in May 2012, Clove and I still give each other butterflies and we have three of the most fascinating kids in the world (like their daddy). They are the most interesting people I have met by far and look forward to see them grow as adults.

We now host a blog and online talk show together called Chonilla. It's a personal journal, humorous show really about our lives. The podcast came about because when we would talk we would laugh our heads off. Clove would always be shocked by my perspective being female but particularly being black in this world and I would be surprised as well gaining his experience on how he views the world as a white man. We found it extremely fascinating.

Plus we wanted people to have an idea what's it like to hear an interracial couple with an honest, non PC opinion, Our motto, "Helping you Heal by keepin' it Real". We also feature other interracial love and their stories - what we call Chonilla Couples on both the blog and podcast.

I hope you enjoyed this story. There are many more you can hear or read on

Peace & Chonilla ♥