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Fri, 04/13/2007 - 2:09pm -- lovingday
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I am a newly engaged women (Caucasian) to a wonderful black man. We met over a year ago and from that first moment I knew that Joe was the man I wanted to marry. Even though I had not dated outside of my race before, I had little concern for the objections from my family. At first my Catholic step-mother declared that my "black boyfriend" would not be allowed in her home. Nor would her or my father ever support our decision to be together. My father advised that interracial relationships were against God's plan for us and were very difficult to maintain. And what about the children? This was very hard for me because my father and I have always been close and he had always been a great advisor in my life. But love is a tremendous force. Somehow I found the strength to say, "You are wrong. We can do this." And we have done it. Together.

Joe and I have always kept the communication lines open and have been able to discuss everything. This has helped us stand-up for our right to be together. When it came time for Joe to ask my father's blessing, he was ready to hear anything my father was going to say. Again, my father expressed his disapproval of our relationship but said that we shouldn't take it personally. My father does like my future husband but just doesn't see how we can make it. Though Joe does respect my father and his wishes, Joe knows as I do that we were meant to be together.

Being in an interracial relationship is like being in any other kind of relationship. I think it's even better. Not only can we share with each other ourselves and our dreams but also our family's histories and cultures. I grew up in North Central Kansas so my experiences with African American culture was little. I now have the opportunity to learn from him and his family.

As our wedding date approaches we look forward to a lifetime of learning from each other, and loving and raising a biracial family. We are excited for the future challenges that may come our way, and we'll confront them with love and humor. Hopefully we'll change just one person's perception about what an interracial family is like.

Seeing the new campaign ads on this website caused me to pause and thank God for the bravery of the Lovings. As hard as it has been to go against my family's wishes, how much harder would it have been if legally I did not have the right I marry the man I loved? I applaud all couples who follow their hearts. Not only are they fighting for the right to make their own choices but they are an inspiration to others.

God Bless!