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Fri, 04/13/2007 - 2:13pm -- lovingday
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I am white/Native American mix and my handsome hubby is Chamorro from Guam. We met at a powwow near Seattle while he was stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. I cannot imagine a better place to meet. I felt so blessed to have found him. We went through much prejudice - from angry Chamorros who felt I was not good enough, to white people who glared at us and our beautiful baby girl.

We had a black army sergeant tell my husband to leave me and our baby because I was too "white looking." My husband never faltered. He just kept on loving our family and being proud that we were together. Loving Day is every day of our lives: it is the blending of souls and experiences, it is the heartbeat of hope that one day all prejudice will be swept away like chaff in the wind.