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Jennifer Hofsommer

Fri, 05/22/2009 - 12:22pm -- hdgpdg
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United States
Graduate Student

Brian and I met almost two years ago under the most improbable circumstances. Both of us had decided to spend a summer in Argentina and though we were just two people of 14 million living in Buenos Aires, God joined our paths beautifully and we have never diverted. From the time we met it was an instant connection. Neither of us knew it would go beyond a strong friendship...but after knowing each other for a couple of months, the romantic feelings were undeniable. A year and a half later, we got married.

We both come from very open-minded families who have celebrated our love. We've lived in small-town Texas as well as our current city of Chicago, and have gotten positive responses from both communities at large. Complete strangers often comment on how well we go together. I find it easier to blend in with the crowd in Chicago because it is so multicultural, but I think that people everywhere see interracial couples as a sign of reconciliation...and even if they aren't ready to stretch their own personal boundaries, they are happy that others are taking that step.

Of course we get lingering stares, but we don't assume their disapproving. They could be looks of intrigue or admiration. We've only been married a short time and do wonder when we're going to come up against our first overt act of racism, but we don't dwell on it. We can't spend our time preparing for that situation because if/when it does happen, we just have to trust that God will direct our actions from there and soften the other person's heart. Maybe it will be an opportunity to teach someone else about having tolerance!

Our differing races only enhance our relationship as we learn more about one another and overcome any misunderstandings or previous misconceptions. It's a growing experience, and we're growing together.