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Mon, 05/18/2009 - 10:38pm -- jen4jen
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West Virginia
United States
Non-profit organization intern

My boyfriend and I met in August of 2007 at a bowling alley. We talked from that night until late October when we had our first date on the 27th. We decided to begin our relationship together that night. We both knew things would be rough for us and our families but we decided to be together anyways. As predicted, in November I told my parents about the relationship and they were immediately upset and did not approve at all. We quickly fell in love and realized that we were meant to spend life together, and we would be together no matter the opposition. I spent the majority of our first year together in a constant struggle with my parents about our relationship. After we had been dating for about 6 months, he met my parents at my best friend's wedding. I started to bring him around my parents roughly once a month hoping they would adjust and begin to know him as a person and love him for who he was despite his skin color. I had strong support from my friends and my brother, which helped tremendously! December 25, 2008 was the turning point! My boyfriend spent Christmas day at our house, and he went out that weekend with us to celebrate my college graduation, since then things have been smooth sailing with my parents. He even came to my home church about a week ago, which is a huge step for my parents to be alright with him meeting close family and friends from where we live. His parents live on the west coast so I still haven't been able to meet them, however due to the fact that I am not Nigerian they are upset. I completely understand the struggle with cultural differences. I'm praying that when they meet me and get to know me, they will come around much like my parents did.

We decided, no matter the opposition, we would stay true to ourselves and our relationship. The struggle can be hard but the reward is SO SWEET!

I Love You Baby!