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Josh, Amberli and Baby Vince

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When I met Josh, I only noticed that he was Korean when my friend jokingly called him ,"Bruce Lee." I could see something in him that drew me to him and getting to know him. In the early stages of dating I would get so uncomfortable when he would crack Asian jokes but I learned to deal with them.

He said he loved me very early in the relationship but I didn't take too much longer to feel it too. I laugh these days when I think of the "love" that I felt for him then compared to the true love that I feel for him now after 5 years of getting to know him on a deeper level.

I still find it strange that we have people staring as often as they do. I used to think it was only the older generation, but it is all kinds of people. We now have an adorable son and my husband wants to relocate us towards the Chicagoland area because he doesn't want our son to feel different or face racism like he did growing up in a farm community in Central Illinois. When I look at our darling boy, it breaks my heart to think that there are people out there that could ever think that he is a "victim of miscegenation." It is hard to believe that as a modern society it has been less than 50 years that Bi-racial marraiges have been legal. I am so grateful to those couples that paved the way for my family!