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Fri, 04/13/2007 - 1:59pm -- lovingday
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New York
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I was seeing a Mexican guy and we were not allowed to call each other. My parents would not allow him in the house. My parents are against me dating Hispanics of any kind, even though the rest of my family couldn't be happier for me. Now I'm dating a guy who's Spanish (from Spain) and Irish. It's not going over too well, even after a year. It's not 100% OK.

I have an older sister. Neither of us ever brought home a black guy, so the issue never came up. I would probably get thrown out of my house. My father is racist, and so was my grandfather. My mother has a history of prejudice against Hispanics, especially Puerto Ricans. To her, all Hispanics are the same. My current boyfriend is in school and he's working. He's travelled all over the world and he's educated. I don't think he's what my mom expects.

Slowly, my parents are getting a little more lenient. Phone calls are OK. They met him, but they never met my ex-boyfriend. He's not just a name, he's a person to them now. They're closed minded about certain things. You can't help who you love - that's how I see it. I've gone through a lot mentally because of this.

Although I've gone through a lot, it has actually allowed me to grow as a person. Because of my current boyfriend, I was finally able to stand up to my parents about something I believe in. I believe in my relationship and I will not allow my parents to remain so closed-minded. In time they will become 100% ok with him once they see that my love for him will not change.