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Fri, 04/13/2007 - 2:05pm -- lovingday
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I have been in many interracial relationships. Although I've had boyfriends of the same race (white), my parents actually weren't very fond of them either. I was not allowed to see my first boyfriend (Mexican) even though it was more about him being from the "wrong part of town". He actually ended up marrying a friend of mine from high school and my mother send me the clipping in the mail. I hid our relationship from them for 3 years. They still don't know about it to this day.

One of my last boyfriends was Jamaican. I lied to him about my parents and their issues, and deep down he knew they were pretty racist when it came to black folks. They have rarely been exposed to a person of color like him, very smart, responsible and successful.

My current boyfriend is Filipino. My mom met my boyfriend pretty early on and, since I live far a way from them, she sees him as my protector. She asks about him a lot and is happy for us. Everything is OK, although my father has never even asked me about him. We share an apartment and there is a chance we may get married. But I guess he will just deal with it when it comes. When my parents meet his parents (who are sucessful doctors but both have very thick accents and speak their native language more often than English) its going to be an extremely uncomfortable situation. I'm not looking forward to it! They are not very fond of immigrants and definitely see every other race as ignorant. Its frustrating to listen to them talk, but they don't know any better. Racism is all about ignorance.