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Tue, 03/06/2012 - 8:58pm -- MrandMrsKiser
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New York
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Christopher and I are from two of the least diverse places in the world - he comes from Cooperstown which is primarily white and I come from Barbados which is primarily black.

Some way and some how, we both ended up in Cortland, NY - another not-so-diverse area in Upstate, NY where it is exceedingly rare to find a white man dating a black woman and we still get the sideways looks and glances.

We knew we were meant for each other and everyday, I am blessed to say that the man I fell in love with continues to grow and become a man I am honored to know and have in my life. The physical is a mere shadow of what lies beneath - and beneath is a good person with a generous heart and pure soul.

We wish all couples the love and the joy that we share and we encourage everyone to give yourselves a chance. Love can be found in strange places - the small town boy from Cooperstown and the island girl from Barbados found love in upstate NY. Can you really make excuses?

Thanks to the Lovings who made a love like ours possible.