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Thu, 10/01/2009 - 5:35pm -- LittleLlama
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So a blond walks into a bar...haha, kidding! But this blond from the American Midwest DID walk into a whole new world, and found love along the way.

Earlier this year I snagged a job in Quito, Ecuador. Three weeks into my Latin America adventure, I attended a co-worker's party and received the best party gift ever: my wonderful and handsome boyfriend Tim, an Indian Jamaican working and traveling in Ecuador. It's now seven months later, and we couldn't be happier! He teaches me patois and how to make a mean curry, while I teach him about the beauty of seasons, snowfall and life "up north". We certainly get our share of stares from both locals and fellow foreigners, but with a sense of humor as great as our love for each other, we know we can tackle anything (or anyone) that comes our way.