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Sun, 10/02/2011 - 1:46pm -- christywatson
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I am a white woman and my husband is a black man. My husband and I met and fell in love when I was 17 and he was 19. We went to the same HS. Just a couple of weeks after meeting him I knew I wanted to marry him, even at 17 years old. Living in Alabama is like living 20 years ago so my family had a huge problem with me marrying a black man. I had a family member that had such a big problem with it that he just met my husband 2 years ago, after him and I had been married 9 years and had 2 children together. He has said he didn't want his children seeing my husband and I together and think it's OK because it's NOT OK. I have another family membor that doesn't allow my children or husband in his house even now. I even had a few family members tell me that they don't mind me marrying my black boyfriend, they just didn't want us to have children because our children would have problems. His family didn't have as big of a problem with it, but some of the older people in his family were not too happy about it. I feel a little distant to a few of his family members who I know disagree but would never speak it. Most of his family and my dad and step-mom were our biggest supporters. Now we have the support of most of my family and his family. We were married 11 years in June (2000) and we have two beautiful sons. Our oldest is 9 yrs old (2002) and our youngest is 4 yrs old (2007). While we still have problems with my family and my children still haven't met some of my family members we are a very happy, normal family. Our children haven't run into any problems with being mixed race, we have several friends that have mixed race children. Every now and then I learn that people were thought were our friends had secretly disagreed with our marriage, but it doesn't bother us. We are a very strong couple. We teach our boys that being mixed race is a beautiful wonderful thing. They get to be both black and white and that is amazing! I love to hear stories of other interracial couples and how they are happy and proud! I love for my children to learn of other mixed race people who are happy and proud! With LOVE Ramone, Christy, Ray-J and Kase Watson
My Family, by Ray-J Watson
I have a family...uncles, aunts and cousins too, they are a big family that has every kind of member ever made on earth. One side is more into fishing, the other side is into sports and the most important is they are my family. They are not all the same, but that doesn't separate me from them because they are my family, my one and only family. Black or white doesn't matter, but it matters that they are my family. My family, My family, My family. Hey!!! I got a family you hear me? Now sing with me! I got a family, my one and only family YEAH!