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Tamika G.

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 11:53am -- tamika228
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Stay-At-Home Mom of Four

My husband and I met online in 1999. I didn't know what race he was...i really didn't care. But i was a bit shocked when i learned he was Caucasian. His personality and intelligence and dire commitment erased all doubt i had about interracial relationships. We officially met in person in September of 1999, he moved in with me in December. We bought our first home in June of 2000, got married in August of 2000 and had a son in April 2001. Things went really quickly. We never openly faced any blatant opposition from strangers...our discord was from our families and the typical stereotypes. We decided we would live our lives as two people who love each other and our family..not as a black woman and white man. We have educated our children about what society will view them as, but we have raised them to live as decent people who loves all sorts of different things from all cultures. We expose them to everything and let them decided what they like or don't like...i.e, music and sports, etc. When we look at each other, we just simply see one another without racial overtones and we celebrate that everyday.