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Turquoise & Roger

Thu, 02/10/2011 - 2:37pm -- LaRiquena
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United States
Full time college student &former Federal Employee

The last two years of my life had been full of ups and downs and surprises. Little did I know one of the many surprises that would happen would be meeting my soul mate.
It was the summer of 2010 and after losing my fiance just the year before, I had almost given up on dating...and focused my energy solely into school and work ( at the time I was working for the Department of Homeland Security).

Taking the advice of a friend , I decided it couldn't do any harm to get back into dating...and started talking to a few guys I'd met around school or through mutual friends. Roger...immediately stood out. I'd seen him a few times jogging around my school's arboretum, but something was just different about him. One day we exchanged words and things just took off.... next thing I knew we were going out to baseball games,playing pool, hanging out with his friends (which is how I found out he didn't go to my school...and that he was a law student). Eventually he made me a key to his apartment and shyly asked me to move in. I met his parents... soon after, they were skeptical about our relationship. Roger's Polish-American...he actually was the first child his parents had to be born on American soil. Soon their skepticism died down...and they even began to embrace me giving me a pet name since they couldn't pronounce my first name too well... and inviting me places with the family. Their skepticism would not go without replacement however.

After nearly 5 1/2 months of living together ( and arguing over seemingly nothing), one day a friend of Roger's came over and he randomly broke up with me. After a very tearful argument and review of what happened he confessed that his best friend Calvin...had been planting seeds of doubt about our relationship ever since the beginning! Calvin..it turns out...was a racist. He had always made subtle jokes about my skin tone...my heritage ( I'm Puerto Rican and West Indian) and my education ( mind you Roger was in Grad school and I was but starting my second semester of my freshmen year). That night I packed up all my things and stayed with my mother to allow Roger to reflect on our relationship and truly evaluate whether the hurtful things his friend said were true. He immediately called me after realizing how naive it was to let his friend interfere when everything he said was based solely on a bias.

He ended up giving Calvin an ultimatum... Calvin being the bigot he was ...refused to accept our relationship and furthermore forfeited their friendship. LOL ...Later that month (it was finals at their school) Calvin approached Roger to wave a white flag [ Calvin..had been using Roger as a crutch through law school...the year before Calvin had lost his scholarship and would have failed miserably without Roger's help]...Roger responded to Calvin's flag by saying " We can be friends...when my girlfriend and I are interesting in being friends with a RACIST..."

Thus closing a very painful chapter of our relationship and life together...but opening a gorgeous new one. Since then, Roger and I have been more open and honest with each other about everything...it's like we've reconnected with a long lost best friend. There hasn't been a single day since that horrible incident 5 months ago, that we haven't been with each other.

I guess it's true what they say, love does conquer all.