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Loving Day has been featured in national and international press including TIME Magazine, the Washington Post, NPR, ABC News, CNN, and BBC World.

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07/12/2016 Los Angeles Times 'Loving' trailer shows the fight for interracial relationships
06/20/2016 NPR A Festival for Mixed-Race Storytellers - And Everyone Else, Too
06/17/2016 GOOD Loving Day: Remembering The Supreme Court Decision That Legalized Interracial Marriage
06/14/2016 NPR The Last Season Of America? Horror, Hope And Orlando
06/14/2016 Huffington Post When We Come Together
06/13/2016 Washington Times In the name of 'Loving': Celebrations commemorate Supreme Court marriage decision
06/12/2016 People Happy Loving Day! Celebrate the Couple Who Helped Legalize Interracial Marriage Ahead of Their Biopic, Loving
06/12/2016 Huffington Post Reflections on Loving Day
06/12/2016 Kansas City Star Today is Loving Day, but people still act strange around my biracial son
06/12/2016 CBS Almanac: When interracial marriage bans were struck down
06/12/2016 Futurity How newspapers covered the 'Loving Day' law
06/12/2016 Chicago Now Welcome to My Blog: Dating, Marriage and Divorce in Black and White
06/10/2016 Jstor Daily Loving v. Virginia and the Origins of Loving Day
06/10/2016 Huffington Post #ThisIsLoving: Celebrating Multiracial Love and Relationships
06/10/2016 WNYC New York Fighting for a Multiethnic World Decades After Loving v. Virginia
06/10/2016 NPR Michigan Radio Loving Day still celebrating interracial marriage case 49 years later
06/10/2016 Time The History Behind Loving Day
06/10/2016 Los Angeles Times One man's quest for Loving Day, a holiday for multiracial Americans
06/09/2016 Eurweb: Electronic Urban Report Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jason George Spreads Message of Tolerance with his Prizeo Campaign
06/09/2016 NBC 'Loving Day' Petition Launched in Hope of Broader Recognition
06/08/2016 New York Post It’s colorblind
06/07/2016 Deadline Oscar Contender Loving Embraces National Day Of Celebration For Marriage Equality
06/07/2016 Movie Pilot Focus Features Releases First Clip For 'Loving' & LovingDay.Org Launches New Petition
06/07/2016 The Rapidian Celebrating Loving Day in Grand Rapids and its legacy in justice
06/07/2016 WBAI-FM New York - Pacifica June 7, 2016: Interview with Ken Tanabe
06/03/2016 Los Angeles Times #myLovingDay: How the Lovings' trials paved the way for today's multiracial families
06/02/2016 AOL News New petition asks President Obama to create national holiday for mixed-race families
06/02/2016 The Mary Sue Celebrate Loving Day With a Clip From the Film, Loving, and Help Make Loving Day a Federal Holiday
06/02/2016 ABC (WBMA 33-40 Birmingham, AL) Loving Day
06/01/2016 Wet Paint Grey's Anatomy's Jason George Campaigns to Reconcile Cultural Differences
05/31/2016 East Bay Times El Cerrito holding celebration of court decision legalizing interracial marriage
05/31/2016 Fox (KTTV Los Angeles) Actor Jason George from 'Grey's Anatomy' talks Prizeo campaign
05/28/2016 Love still wins: Loving Day event to celebrate landmark ruling that legalized interracial marriages
05/19/2016 Cincinnati Public Radio Evolving Attitudes On Interracial Marriages
05/16/2016 Cine Vista Blog Director de Take Shelter y Mud lanza con éxito en Cannes Loving
05/16/2016 Entertainment Weekly Loving: Ruth Negga talks about "the most beautiful love story that's ever been told"
05/15/2016 Deadline Peter Kujawski On The New Focus Features And Cannes Entry Loving
05/06/2016 Huffington Post "Loving v. Virginia" Is Relevant Nearly 50 Years Later
06/22/2015 The City University of New York (CUNY) Independent Sources: Race in America
06/13/2015 Refinery29 Celebrate Loving Day With Lovely Interracial Families
06/12/2015 NPR Loving Day Commemorates When Interracial Marriages Became Legal
06/12/2015 ABC (WRIC 8 Richmond, VA) Loving Day' marks 48th anniversary of legal interracial marriage
06/12/2015 AOL News Loving Day celebrates national legalization of interracial marriage
06/12/2015 NBC (WWBT 12 Richmond, VA) Loving Day/ 48th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia
06/11/2015 A Plus Loving Day Celebrates Legalization Of Interracial Marriage As Supreme Court Weighs Gay Marriage
06/11/2015 ABC (WBMA 33-40 Birmingham, AL) Loving Day
06/10/2015 Mic 11 Photos of Interracial Couples Show the Impact of 'Loving v. Virginia' 48 Years Later
05/14/2015 ABC (WRIC 8 Richmond, VA) Va. interracial couple arrested in 1950s share their story in 1967 interview
06/01/2014 Vanity Fair Richard Loving et Mildred Jeter - l’amour en noir et blanc
05/06/2014 Modern Mom An Open Letter To Donald Sterling From A Multiracial Mom
12/17/2013 Voice of America NYC Mayor-Elect’s Family Reflects Rise of Intermarriage
11/16/2013 Associated Press Bill De Blasio's Interracial Marriage Shatters Traditional Ideas Of Race And Politics
08/12/2013 The Japan Times The perennial 'half, bi or double?' debate rolls on
06/27/2013 AriseTV Our Take with Christina Brown: Interracial Couples
06/13/2013 The Huffington Post What Would Mildred Loving Think About the Use of Images of Multiracial Families for Anti-LGBT Family Messages?
06/12/2013 FashionTV Happy Birthday Adriana Lima, Anja Rubik, Abbey Lee Kershaw! What Do These Three Have in Common?
06/12/2013 CNN Opinion: The importance of ‘Loving’ in the face of racism
06/12/2013 The Daily Kos Happy Loving Day: Now SCOTUS Needs to Finish The Job
06/12/2013 Fusion TV (ABC & Univision) An Unlikely Romance - A German P.O.W. and Black Nurse Marry During Jim Crow
06/12/2013 COZI TV (WNBC New York) Loving Day: The Anniversary of Loving v. Virginia
06/11/2013 La Croix L'Amérique de la diversité célèbre le « Loving Day ». Repères. De plus en plus de couples mixtes aux États-Unis
06/11/2013 Being Latino Celebrating a historical love
06/11/2013 The Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus GA) Loving Day is June 12, marks anniversary of Supreme Court decision legalizing interracial marriage in U.S.
06/09/2013 The Huffington Post Loving Day In Detroit: Celebrating The Freedom To Marry With Multicultural Celebration
06/07/2013 The Huffington Post Making Love Legal
06/06/2013 NPR (WBHM, University of Alabama at Birmingham) Spreading the Love on Loving Day
05/31/2013 Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Loving Day celebrates multicultural understanding
05/26/2013 PBS Constitution USA: The Blog!
12/12/2012 Forbes How to Get a Little Lovin' (Entrepreneur Style)
06/12/2012 Delaware County News Network Today is Loving Day
06/12/2012 CBS Celebrating Loving Day
06/12/2012 The L Magazine Celebrating the Supreme Court Decision That Legitimized Interracial Marriage
06/12/2012 Ebony In Appreciation of The Lovings: 45 Years of Legal Interracial Marriage
06/12/2012 The Grio ‘Loving v. Virginia’ 45 years later: gay marriage is the new ‘miscegenation’
06/12/2012 Time Reading While Eating for June 12 - Happy Loving Day
06/12/2012 The Grio Celebrating Loving Day: Our favorite celebrity interracial couples
06/11/2012 Indianapolis Star On Loving Day in Indy, interracial couples recall when acceptance did not come easily
06/09/2012 ABC Loving Day Celebrations Throughout New York Celebrated Equality Today
06/09/2012 ABC Loving Denver
06/06/2012 CBS Wichita Loving Day
05/28/2012 MTV Celebrate Loving Day on June 12th!
05/10/2012 Indianapolis Star Loving Day in Indianapolis celebrates interracial marriage: Special day marks '67 Supreme Court ruling eliminating bans
05/09/2012 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Interracial marriage on the rise
04/12/2012 The Harvard Independent So...What Are You Anyway?
02/15/2012 Urban Views Weekly Couples share advice, stories about romance and relationships
02/14/2012 CNN The Lovings: unsung heroes of the civil rights movement
01/11/2012 Reuters Icarus Picks Up Oscar Contender 'Loving Story,' Plans Theatrical Run
11/17/2011 The Trinidad Guardian Interracial unions growing despite controversy
10/08/2011 BBC Two How The World Got Mixed Up
09/01/2011 Origin Magazine Loving Day: Building Multicultural Community
08/04/2011 MTV Black Latino Spiderman Miles Morales Takes The Ultimate Marvel Stage
07/07/2011 Print Magazine Post-Racial Holiday?
06/21/2011 Orlando Sentinel Interracial marriage, Hispanics fuel growth of Orlando's multiracial population
06/19/2011 ABC (WCVB Boston, Channel 5) Interracial Relationships
06/14/2011 MTV Growing Up Mixed In America
06/13/2011 The CW Television Network Loving Day
06/13/2011 The Root How to Celebrate Interracial Marriage
06/10/2011 MTV Help Celebrate Inclusion, Interracial Marriage During Loving Day 2011
06/08/2011 Psychology Today Loving Day
06/03/2011 BlogHer Loving Day: a Celebration of Mixed-Race Marriage
05/26/2011 Nichi Bei In Mixed Company: Multiracial academics, advocates and artists gather for Hapa Japan Conference
05/23/2011 KLAV Las Vegas Biracial, Black, White, or Other...
05/03/2011 Voice of America Documentary Examines US Struggle to End Bans on Interracial Marriage
03/16/2011 The City University of New York (CUNY) Independent Sources
03/04/2011 Psychology Today Interview with author Heidi Durrow, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
01/28/2011 Japanese American National Museum Discover Nikkei
06/12/2010 The Grio Loving Day creates translators across racial divides
06/11/2010 TIME Magazine TIME: "Brief History: Loving Day"
06/11/2010 The Wichita Eagle Wichita's first Loving Day planned for Sat.
03/21/2010 The Los Angeles Times They're 100% kid: Kip Fulbeck asked multiracial children: 'Who are you?'
03/19/2010 Rafu Shimpo -- Los Angeles Japanese Daily News All Mixed Up: Kip Fulbeck’s exhibition on multiracial children opens Saturday at JANM
12/14/2009 Heritage Radio Network Let's Eat In (with Akiko Moorman and Ken Tanabe)
09/17/2009 Gorgeous New York Gorgeous New York: "Ken Tanabe: Feel the Love"
07/15/2009 Nichi Bei Times Check the Label
07/10/2009 News21 News21: "Mixed-Race in U.S. Struggle to Form Political, Personal Identities"
06/12/2009 Huffington Post Never Mind the Race Haters, Remember Loving Day
06/12/2009 New York Times The Day: Celebrating Interracial Marriage
06/11/2009 The Root The Root: "Interracial Loving in Alabama, Celebrating Loving Day"
05/31/2009 New York Daily News In the melting pot of NYC, these mixed-cultural couples think the world of each other
06/18/2008 Alternet Generation Y Refuses Race-Gender Dichotomy
06/18/2008 San Francisco Chronicle Opening the Box
06/12/2008 Philadelphia Inquirer Loving Day: When race matters less
06/12/2008 NPR "Loving Day" Personified in Presidential Race
06/12/2008 Washington Post What Mildred Knew
06/12/2008 Denver Post It's Loving Day
06/11/2008 NPR Celebrating 40 Years of Loving Day
06/11/2008 The Bakersfield Californian Heard of Loving Day? Celebration of diversity reflected in ads
06/11/2008 Voice of America Loving Day Marks 1967 Victory for Legal Interracial Marriage
06/01/2008 Koream Journal Love Actually: Law-changer Mildred Loving leaves a legacy
05/15/2008 Nichi Bei Times A Mixed Dozen: 12 Resources on Multiracial/Multiethnic Matters
05/06/2008 Washington Post Mildred Loving Followed Her Heart and Made History
05/05/2008 NPR Woman in Interracial Marriage Case Dies
05/05/2008 Associated Press Mildred Loving, matriarch of interracial marriage, dies
05/01/2008 Tango Magazine Why We Celebrate "Loving Day"
08/29/2007 Canwest Interracial unions more accepted in Canada than U.S.: Report
06/21/2007 Los Angeles Wave Mixed Blessings
06/18/2007 Indianapolis Star In loving color: Interracial couples find greater acceptance four decades after historic high court decision
06/15/2007 Pacific Citizen 40 Years After Loving v. Virginia, How Far Have We Come?
06/14/2007 ABC News Groundbreaking Interracial Marriage
06/12/2007 Associated Press Loving Reflects on Interracial Marriage - 40 Years of Interracial Marriage: Mildred Loving Reflects on Breaking the Color Barrier
06/12/2007 BBC World BBC World
06/12/2007 WBAI-FM New York - Pacifica Wakeup Call: June 12, 2007
06/12/2007 Philadelphia Inquirer Why not celebrate Loving Day here?
06/08/2007 The Huffington Post Loving Day: It's Not a Hallmark Holiday
06/13/2006 Washington Post Loving Day Recalls a Time When the Union of a Man And a Woman Was Banned
06/06/2006 The Village Voice Love Actually
04/26/2006 Associated Content Loving Day is June 12th: Celebrate the Legal Right to Interracial Marriage
06/10/2005 LOVING DAY: How Will You Celebrate?