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Sun, 02/14/2010 - 2:09pm -- eddien
Gorgeous New York: "Ken Tanabe: Feel the Love"
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NY Nonstop "Scene in New York"
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Christian Ghigliotty

Ken Tanabe’s lovingday.org celebrates the spirit of perseverance and promotes multicultural awareness.

The sun loves Ken Tanabe. Or maybe it’s the other way around. “Man I have to say it feels so good to be out here right now. I’ve got my Vitamin D for the week, “ he says and flashes a toothy grin afterward. Ken pushes out his chest and the LovingDay logo gleams brightly, like it’s where he holds all his power. “The logo has a heart surrounded by a shield. The shield represents law, protection. The inner part, the heart, represents love and the Loving decision.” The multi-talented designer of Belgian-Japanese descent has flexed his creative muscle throughout the design industry in a variety of roles. As founder of lovingday.org, however, he now plays a much more pivotal role that transcends his industry niche—that of educator.