What is Loving Day?

Loving Day is the anniversary of a historic court decision for interracial marriage.

Every year on June 12th, it’s a global day of visibility, education, and community.

Celebrating 20 years of the Loving Day Project

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Learn about the Loving Day Story, the Loving v Virginia (1967) court case, and more.

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Support the future of the Loving Day project in small (or big) ways.

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A cropped and edited version of the marriage license document for Richard Perry Loving and Mildred Delores Jeter from Washington, DC dated June 2nd, 1958 and also includes the name of Reverend John L. Henry.
Richard and Mildred Loving’s marriage license (edited)

Why is it called Loving Day?

A landmark case

The “Loving” in Loving Day is actually the last name of Mildred and Richard Loving. The Loving Day Story begins when they were arrested for being married in 1958 because they were an interracial couple living in Virginia.

Their case, Loving v. Virginia (1967), reached the U.S. Supreme Court. Their lawyers argued that laws against interracial marriage came from slavery laws, intended to oppress Black people, and based on white supremacy. Other states had similar laws. Some of these laws applied to people of other races as well.

Nine years after their arrest, the Lovings won their case on June 12th, 1967 (which is why Loving Day is on June 12th). It was more than a victory for their family. It struck down all state laws against interracial marriage in the U.S.

The Lovings’ memorable story (and fitting name), are part of a larger and continuing struggle for racial justice. Courtroom history led up to their case. Attitudes and demographics shape our society. Explore more resources beyond those we provide.

A family photo of a woman and a man with two children, who are both girls, all smiling and standing together outdoors in tall grass.
Shared by Jordan and Shamim Wu

What do people do on Loving Day?

A day for you

People around the world observe Loving Day every year on June 12th in meaningful and personal ways. While all are welcome, it can be especially significant for interracial couples, multiracial families, mixed race and transracially adopted people, and those with similar lived experience.

Many share photos and stories on social media with #lovingday, which has trended three times (so far). Others bring people together through events for their community, friends, or family (virtually or safely during the COVID-19 pandemic).

You can also use Loving Day as inspiration for using your creativity, skills, or professional talents in a positive way. Like other important yearly observations, Loving Day can be an intentional time to stand in solidarity with communities that intersect with ours.

Some have petitioned their local government for official recognition of Loving Day. They have been successful in many cities, some counties, and a few U.S. states – and you could be, too.

A transparent donation jar with some small bills inside and a label that says show some love in front of two volunteers at Loving Day NYC 2019.
Loving Day NYC 2019. Credit: Willie Davis

How do we keep Loving Day going?

A tradition to support

The best way to support Loving Day is to include it in your own traditions and to share it with others. But if you’d like to support our work more directly, there are some options.

We cover our expenses with kind donations of any size (mostly small), and with sales from our Loving Day stores. We also depend on volunteers, who contribute their time, knowledge, and skills in amounts ranging from a few hours to a year (or several).

Two women volunteering and wearing Loving Day t-shirts who are standing behind a Loving Day sign and speaking to a guest at Loving Day NYC 2010.
Loving Day NYC 2010. Credit: Mauro Clerici

What are the roots of Loving Day?

A community project

Loving Day is a community project supported by volunteers. Our mission is to steward a shared Loving Day tradition as a way to fight racism through education, create visibility, and build community.

In addition to the trending #lovingday hashtag, Loving Day has been featured extensively in the global press. If you have any questions, please check our frequently asked questions (FAQ) or feel free to contact us.