A marker drawing of two colorful birds facing each other with hearts and a title that says I heart Loving Day!
Loving Day NYC 2012. Credit: Willie Davis

What else can I do on Loving Day?


Bring what you do best to the Loving Day community

In addition to events, social media, and getting official recognition, there are many more ways to acknowledge Loving Day. You can use your creativity, skills, or professional talents as well.

Publish or broadcast a piece about Loving Day and its continuing significance (we can help). Check out some of our global press

Share Loving Day through your channel, podcast, or platform.

Bring Loving Day to life through your creative expression.

Include Loving Day in your syllabus, campus activities, or calendar of observations.

Include Loving Day in your assignments, projects, student organization, or club activities.

Include Loving Day in your programming or calendar of observations.

Offer a special message, discount, or product on Loving Day. Or donate a percentage of sales.

If you work in government, join many other cities, counties, and states with an official recognition of Loving Day. If you don’t, you can petition your local government. Have a look at some previous Loving Day official recognitions

Many faiths believe in racial equality, and some have chosen to include Loving Day as part of their religious services. This often takes place on Loving Day or on a day that falls close to it.

Are you inspired to suggest an addition to this list? Please contact us