How can I make a difference on Loving Day?


When we are connected as a community, we can have a greater impact.

We can use our shared visibility and unique experiences to act in support of the communities that intersect with ours. These connections may come through our own lived experience, our partners, our children, or solidarity with those around us.

Like other important yearly observations, Loving Day can be a meaningful time to:

  • Volunteer (perhaps with others).
  • Make or encourage charitable donations (see our Black Lives Matter statement for some suggestions that have a connection to Loving Day).
  • Speak and act in support the communities that intersect with ours.

Black Lives Matter

Black people–and our Black spouses, partners, children, relatives, and friends–are part of the Loving Day community. When the lives of Black people are threatened or taken, we cannot be silent. We need to act.

Loving Day shared a statement in response to the death of George Floyd, who was murdered 18 days before Loving Day 2020. We continue to work towards the actions in our statement and ask our community to do the same.