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Loving Day Resolution Delaware State Assembly 06/10/24

SPONSOR: Sen. Huxtable & Sen. Townsend & Sen. Lockman & Rep. Romer & Rep. Phillips & Rep. Wilson-Anton
Sens. Gay, Hansen, Hoffner, Sokola, Sturgeon, Wilson; Reps. Bolden, Hilovsky, K. Johnson, Morrison, Neal, Parker Selby




WHEREAS, on June 12, 1967, the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in the case of Loving v. Virginia, striking down laws that prohibited interracial marriage, affirming that marriage is a fundamental right for all individuals regardless of race, and marking a significant step towards racial equality; and

WHEREAS, the case was brought by Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple, who challenged Virginia’s anti-miscegenation laws, and whose love and determination challenged the injustices of racial discrimination; and

WHEREAS, “Loving Day” commemorates the historic anniversary of the case as it was a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights Movement, and is celebrated annually on June 12th to honor this historic ruling, to celebrate the diversity of love and relationships, and to recognize the ongoing struggles and progress in the fight against racial discrimination; and

WHEREAS, this day celebrates the triumph of love over prejudice and legal barriers. It honors couples who have faced and continue to face discrimination based on their racial backgrounds and is a powerful reminder of the importance of acceptance and the beauty of diversity in relationships; and

WHEREAS, Loving Day serves as an important opportunity to educate the public about the history of interracial marriage in the United States and to promote understanding and acceptance of interracial and multicultural families; and

WHEREAS, this day encourages reflection on the importance of love, equality, and justice, and inspires continued efforts to combat racial prejudice and promote inclusivity in all communities; and

WHEREAS, the success of the Loving case serves as an inspiration for other social justice movements and demonstrates how legal challenges and activism can lead to significant changes in laws and societal attitudes, and encourages continued efforts towards equality and justice; and

WHEREAS, by commemorating the Loving v. Virginia decision, Loving Day underscores the broader fight for civil rights and social justice. It highlights the need to address and dismantle systemic racism and to promote equality and fairness in all aspects of society.

SD : FJM : ALW 2711520168
Released: 06/10/2024 12:46 PM
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BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the 152nd General Assembly of the State of Delaware, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that the General Assembly hereby designates June 12th as Loving Day in the State of Delaware.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the General Assembly honors the legacy of Loving v. Virginia, promotes understanding and acceptance of diverse relationships, and encourages advocacy for the ongoing pursuit of racial equality and social justice.

This resolution designates June 12, 2024, as “Loving Day” in the State of Delaware and reaffirms a commitment to the principles of equality, freedom, and justice for all. “Loving Day” contributes to building a society that values and respects the fundamental human rights of all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Author: Senator Huxtable

SD : FJM : ALW 2711520168
Released: 06/10/2024 12:46 PM
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Recognition Date: June 10, 2024
Recognition Credit: David Shook
State (if in the U.S.): Delaware
Country: United States