Grand Rapids, Michigan

Loving Day Proclamation Grand Rapids Michigan 06/12/17

City of Grand Rapids, MI
Office of the Mayor
Rosalynn C. Bliss, Mayor


WHEREAS, the U.S. Supreme Court landmark decision Loving v. Virginia celebrates its fiftieth anniversary on June 12, 2017; and

WHEREAS, this decision granted Mildred and Richard Loving and, by extension,
all of us the right to marry regardless of race, creed or color; and

WHEREAS, Loving v. Virginia has significant real and symbolic meaning to all
those who wish to marry the person they love no matter who they are; and

WHEREAS, this far-reaching decision since has been used to precede, portend
and extend the rights of marriage to all who live in this country; and

WHEREAS, Grand Rapids has long celebrated and enjoyed this freedom since it
became state law in 1883 by repeal of the 1838 Miscegenation Act; and

WHEREAS, Grand Rapids aspires to be a place that welcomes and celebrates all
people and confer upon all the rights, privileges and love of our city; and

WHEREAS, Ebony Road Players and many community partners will lead and
precede this anniversary with a weekend of celebrations, entertainment, remembrances and family fun – and invite all to join in these activities; and

WHEREAS, although a single day, weekend, month or even a year is not long
enough to celebrate love and the bravery of two people in fighting for the right to marry, we celebrate this special anniversary;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rosalynn Bliss, Mayor of the City of Grand Rapids, do
hereby proclaim June 12, 2017, as

Loving Day

in Grand Rapids and urge all citizens to join in sharing the legacy, lessons and love that is our inalienable right.


Rosalynn Bliss


Recognition Date: June 12, 2017
Recognition Credit: Ted Jauw and Edye Evans Hyde (Executive Director of Ebony Road Players)
City: Grand Rapids
State (if in the U.S.): Michigan
Country: United States